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- donatella -

A showstopper. Donatella’s silvery lace captivates anyone in a 10 metre radius.

Set on a soft champagne with silver piping to highlight the body, this is the dress of a movie star if there ever was one. Featuring a unique neckline that goes straight across with a gentle curve.

Customisations with each gown, changes are always possible to ensure your gown is exactly as you dreamed. 

This can include the colour of the gown, a new neckline, maybe we change the lace? 

We can transform the gown into your perfect shape, whether that be an a-line, ballgown or a fit & flare.

Brides of Armadale logo

- Brides of armadale -

Melbourne’s custom wedding dress designers.

Brides of Armadale is composed of a small group of designers, stylists and tailors who are here to help you discover and create your perfect wedding dress and achieve your dream design.
We respect every bride as the individual, unique woman she is, designing and tailoring her gown to reflect both her inimitable beauty and personality.