How your dream design becomes a reality!

First – Book your consultation!

This can be done via our ‘Book a consultation’ form or calling our boutique on (03) 9822 5302.

We will take you through our gorgeous Melbourne designed collection of 100% customisable gowns. During your consultation your stylist and designer will assist you in finding gowns that suit your body shape and developing the design to become your dream dress! This could mean suggesting different shapes, colours, necklines, lace, beading etc. Or even designing your dream gown from scratch!

Second – Fall in love with your vision!

That’s right, fall in LOVE.

By this time your designer will have helped the vision become a reality by doing sketches and descriptions ensuring all the details are spot on. We will have brought the vision to life and is perfect to what you’ve asked for.

Third – Book and pay your deposit!

This is ideally 8 months before your wedding (our time frames are flexible. Speak to our staff for more information)

Our payment options are also flexible and based on the final price of your gown, depending on your gown cost will depend on your minimum deposit. Our staff are more than happy to help give a guide line on deposit amounts, just give us a call.

Once placed we take your measurements and send your gowns finer details and dimensions off to our trusty work room in Xiamen which is owned by our store owner Siews sister Develyn! This is where their team creates your mock-up gown fitting which is a version of your gown made from calico – a soft white material.

Fourth – Your calico (mock-up) fitting.

Approximately 6 months before the wedding!

This is where we ensure everything about the fit, is simply perfect, it also gives the opportunity to change things, such as lowering the neckline, changing the shape, extending the train (and more) because the materials haven’t started being cut yet.

Fifth – Our work room makes your gown!

This takes approximately 3-4 months.

During this journey, our workroom continuously sends us photos and communication to ensure that anything that they require clarification on is exactly how you, the bride; wants it!

Sixth – Your gown is sent to our trusty team at Brides of Armadale!

This is approximately 8-10 weeks before your wedding.

You will have all three to four fittings with the alterations/fittings included in your made to measure cost. This includes your hem, bustle, fit etc.

These fittings are taken by our passionate owner and head tailor Siew, the rest of our team assists in the finer details and alterations

Seventh – Your gown is steamed, packaged and given to your happy hands for your big day!

Intrigued? Inspired? Let’s begin!

To book a free consultation with one of our stylists and designers just fill out our booking form and we will reply with a confirmation of booking.
Be sure to check your junk mail if you haven’t received a reply within two days, just in case!