The gowns in our current range start from $2,750 and go up to $5,500 with the average price being $3,300- $3,800. Gowns custom designed from scratch reflect a similar pricing to our current range but of course will vary depending on difficulty of design and fabrication. The gowns are all made to measure so the price is all-inclusive of all fittings and alterations ensuring a perfect ‘glass slipper’ fit!

Our prefered time frame to bring your dream to life is is 6-9 months. Brides often place orders for gowns anywhere between 6-14 months prior to the wedding date, which is totally fine with us too! BUT if you have less time than this, don’t panic- we will always do our very best to make the magic happen in a shorter time frame. Visit us as soon as possible and we will check our schedule to see what we can do for you!

Yes, absolutely! The fully custom process is very similar to our creative process.

Tyler’s Fabrics, Silk World and our Workroom are our favourite resources for choosing different laces!

If you don’t fall in love with the laces we have here in store, that’s okay, we are only small and understand we can’t stock everything! We recommend that:

1. You visit Tyler’s Fabrics – 58 Cremorne street, Richmond
Silk World – 8 Gipps street, Collingwood.
The staff are WONDERFUL and will help and guide you in finding something that you like.

2. When you find what your heart desires, take a photo of the header and lace to send through to our email We will then give our professional opinion on the lace and borrow that sample piece or pieces for a week.

3. If you don’t find it at Tyler’s or Silk World, then send your inspiration lace photo to us, we will send to it to our workroom to see what they have that’s like what you are looking for.

4. Once we have borrowed the sample piece/pieces of your choice, we will have another consultation together with the lace sample on hand, here we will discuss where you want the lace, how many panels you will need etc.

5. Once you have made your decision, we require the full amount that the lace will cost for your gown in addition to your deposit. With that we will purchase lace from the supplier direct and have it sent straight to our boutique in Armadale.

6. During your mock-up/calico fitting together we will use your lace to choose how you want it to be applied, take comprehensive details and photos then send all of this to our workroom where they create your dream gown!

This is all ideally 8-9 months before your wedding (However, our time frames are flexible. Please speak to our staff for more information)

We absolutely encourage you to make an appointment! This way you not only get the chance to visit our store and try on our gowns, but you are also guaranteed our full devotion. We will always try our best to accommodate walk-ins, but we can never guarantee what each day will bring and often our stylists are working away with other appointments or hand-finishing the details that bring each vision to life. For your very own BOA experience to be secured, a booking is absolutely the way to go!

Here at BOA we celebrate femininity, and understand that with being a woman comes curves of all shapes and sizes! To accommodate all of our beautiful brides our sample gowns range in size from 8-16, with the majority being a size 12. We understand it can be difficult to imagine a dress fitting correctly if it doesn’t, but each stylist is dedicated to doing what they can to help you envision the fit of each gown in our one-on-one consultations. In our experience, there’s very little a bit of pinning can’t fix.

We are lucky enough to have our very own Xiamen dream -factory-workroom that pieces together our luxury laces and fabrics, bringing your dream dress to life! The relationship between our Melbourne boutique and Xiamen workroom is unique and family orientated, run by two sisters and a shared passion for bridal gowns. Siew whom owns our Armadale boutique and her sister Develyn who makes the gowns with a small and very specialised team of expert couturists. This unique relationship allows us flexibility in creating your custom designs and allowing a close eye over quality control. All BOA gowns are made in our workroom. Once the fittings commence, the gowns stay in our High St location where all your fittings, finishing details and alterations occur by our in-house team.

Believe us- we wish we had enough room for your entire family! We love to see you share this exciting experience with the ones you love! Unfortunately we have a limited space to play with in the boutique so we encourage you to limit the entourage to your 2 or 3 must-have people. This might even prove to be a blessing in disguise as sometimes a larger group can lead to an overwhelming bombardment with too many conflicting opinions. To us, your opinion is the most important!

We are located at: 1009 High St, Armadale, Victoria. Near the corner of High St and Kooyong rd. Best parking we find, is in the side streets off of Kooyong road, not off High street as many of these are permit only! Armadale station is just a stones throw away, through the arcade past Euro Cafe and you’re there! Tram number 6, Stop 41 – Kooyong road.

From time to time we do hold sample sales which are a great opportunity to get your hands on one of our gowns at discounted prices! All sample dresses are cleaned and sold in good condition. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you love a good bargain- this way when the time comes you won’t miss out.

Yes! This is one of our favourite parts of the process and what we are all about! We love working with you to create your dream dress. We can customise any of the sample styles or mix and match between samples to suit your individual needs and style. Changing lace, beading, colour, necklines, sleeves etc is all possible, just have a chat with one of our stylists in store and they will help guide you with their expertise.

All of our dreamy dresses are made for each bride to her exact measurements, because of this we don’t carry any ready made stock of our gowns. We do however, on occasion, have some sample gowns on hand that can be purchased as they are and taken with you straight away. If you have left dress shopping a little late and are looking for an off the rack gown because time is what you are worried about- call the store and chat to one of our consultants to see if we can still make your dream a reality in however long you have left.

We are happy for you to have photos of your favourite styles (we understand that seeing so many dresses can be overwhelming and we’d like to help you out as much as possible!) However we do ask that you let our stylists take the photos of you in your favourite contender, as they are trained in knowing how each gown photographs best.

We know better than anyone that dreamers are located all over the world! So that is exactly where we ship! We are very happy to assist international and interstate customers who can’t make it into the boutique by making a dress to their measurements and shipping the gown to you to be fitted by your chosen local seamstress.

YOU BET WE DO! If you cannot find your dream gown amongst one of our samples we love to sit down with you in a one on one consultation and sketch out a design unique to you. We are happy to do this with you at any point during either an initial or follow up consultation- whenever the inspiration comes to you! This process can take a little more time and follow up appointments may be necessary in some cases if we need to source lace or other details for you (all of which we are happy to do!)

We get asked by many brides, what should I know before trying on dresses. Here are our suggestions. We advise that wearing nude seamless underwear is the best bet for trying on gowns, and bringing a nude bra with you, just in case! A bottle of water is handy as the process can be tiring. Wearing clothes that are easy to get on and off as during a full day of appointments this process can be tedious, imagine taking off a pair of stockings each time, no thanks! Ensure you leave yourself some time for lunch, book it in! (We LOVE Bruno & Co next door, Euro Cafe down the road in the arcade and Tartine for the best carrot cake on the strip!)